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Electrolytes are essential for normal function of every cell in the body. The balance of electrolytes within the dog is crucial in maintaining optimum fluid levels in the body.

Anumul electrolytes

  • 5ml for small dogs or 10ml for large dogs directly into the mouth, or onto the feed after periods of stress or heavy sweating.
    Clean water should be always available.

  • Dehydration: steps should be always taken to avoid dehydration and any associated heat stress; good management practises will help ensure the dogs well-being is not compromised. When a dog has become dehydrated, it is important to replace fluids and lost electrolytes as soon as possible.
    Stress: during times of stress dogs may quickly go off their food & drink, and therefore can become dehydrated, so including ways to temp a dog to eat and drink is key to Optimum health and recovery.
    Physical Activity and Birth: Electrolytes are important to maintain hydration levels during whelping and will ensure dehydration does not impact milk levels. During periods of high activity, the addition of an electrolytes supplement helps maintain optimum hydration levels and ensure muscle function is not compromised. Effective supplementation of electrolytes can also support good recovery & allow the dog to perform at its best.
    • Where a dog has become dehydrated following sickness and diarrhoea it is recommended to seek veterinary advice.

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