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Anumul Joint support is a liquid supplement designed to support mobility and joint function in all types of dogs and cats. Containing a combination of Glucosamine, to stimulate the production of glycosaminoglycans, to support optimum production of collagen and connective tissue within the joint.

Anumul Joint Support

  • To be fed at the following quantities:
    Small dog 2.5ml
    Medium dog 5ml
    Large dog 7.5ml
    Extra large dog 10ml

    All above doses are per day.

  • By feeding Anumul Joint Support, the dog / cat can be supported during normal day to day activities, and the hard working athletic dog is ensured the best support during training and competition, as healthy joint function allow the dog/cat perform at its best.
    Anumul joint Support is the ideal supplement for for dogs / cats of all types and at all ages.

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