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A paste formulation for ease of use, suitable for all new-born puppies and kittens and is of particular benefit to weak and undersized puppies/kittens, puppies/kittens from large litters and puppies/kittens failing to thrive. Containing a complex blend of colostrum, prebiotics, and nucleotides along with essential vitamins and minerals.

Anumul Life Saver

  • For new-born puppies give 1ml (1 graduation) immediately after birth and repeat 5 hours later, repeat again on the second day. For puppies failing to thrive after 2 – 3 days administer 2ml (2 graduation) repeating 2 – 3 days. Contains Prebiotics and Nucleotides for improved digestive function, along with multiple energy sources for energy.

  • The High energy and protein levels included in the product allow for an increased response post birth, ensuring the puppy/kitten remains alert and active. The carbohydrate and protein sources are easily absorbed across the gut wall, providing additional nutrients to complement the Colostrum. Additional dietary protein is particularly important for the correct development of muscle tissue. Further support is offered to the new-born, with the inclusion of optimal levels of the vitamins A, D3 & E, which are of a particular benefit to the immune system. B group vitamins, in particular vitamins B12, are also included and have an important role in the metabolism, digestive function and helps ensure correct growth and development.

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