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A highly palatable and easy to feed blend of oils to support health and well being in dogs and cats of all types. Anumul Multi oil is a blend of Salmon, Wheatgerm and linseed oils, to give a broad spectrum of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids.

Anumul Multi Oil

  • To be fed at the following quantities:
    Small dog 2.5ml
    Medium dog 5ml
    Large dog 7.5ml
    Extra large dog 10ml

    All above doses are per day.

  • Feeding multi oil as part of the daily diet may help to ensure the dog / cat remains focused, has a strong immune system, with a healthy skin and coat, as well as supporting overall health and wellbeing. Anumul multi oil is the ideal supplement for dogs and cats of all types and at all ages.

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