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This large natural treat box offers 14 different types (23 pieces) of natural treats. This box is a great taster box with a good variation to allow your dog to get to know what treats it prefers best.



1x - Hairy Cow Ear

2x - Hairy Rabbit Ears

1x - Sow Ear

1x - Venison Leg

1x - Lamb Leg

2x - Chicken Feet

2x - Puffed Chicken Feet

2x - Duck Necks

1x - Cow Hooves

4x - Tripe Sticks

2x - Beef Muscle Pieces

1x - Beef Knees

1x - Sausage Roll

2x - Skinny Pizzles


Features and Benefits:


Grain free

Highly digestible

Long lasting

Dental hygiene

Treat box


Large Natural Treat Box

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