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Dogs and cats are extremely fond of licking. Apart from their loving owners face, they lick everything that comes in their way, which isnt healthy and suitable for them. So, here comes the Smart Choice Lick Mat & Slow Feeder for Dogs and Cats, which provides an innovative and fresh way of pleasurable licking. Designed to serve pet food of any kind, you can give your pet with yogurts, treats, and spreads. Made of high-grade TPR material, this pet lick mat is free from any kind of toxic materials.

It kills your pets boredom and makes it calm. This slow feeder for cats can be a worthy aid while facing stressful conditions like an injury recovery, vet visits, bathing, and many more. This dog lick mat helps eliminate various destructive behaviours and divert your pets attention from nail biting or creating mess. Featuring a textured surface, this pet lick mat slows down eating process and helps improve digestion.

It also helps generate excess saliva which makes digestion easier. While promoting licking, it maintains an improved oral hygiene of your pet. Easy to clean and maintain, this pet accessory is freezer safe. Thanks to the anti-skid suction base, you can stick it on the wall or place it on the floor so your loving pet can lick with utmost ease.

Please Note: This product is picked at random, we cant guarantee colour.


Approx Diameter : 15cm


Product Benefits

  • Helps improve digestion by reducing the eating time
  • Suitable for cats as well as dogs
  • Comes with anti-skid suction base and bone imprinted design

Lick Mat & Slow Feeder

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