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FRESH SMELL & NATURAL COLOUR: Brilliant’s patented process for extracting salmon oil is second-to-none, all the omega 3 fish oil produced is HUMAN GRADE, & 100% pure. They never use acid treatment; this is why their supplements smell fresh & look natural.

NO MORE ITCHY, DRY OR FLAKY SKIN: Brilliant invest in scientific studies to improve the health of your pet. The natural anti-inflammatory compounds within their formula treat moulting, manage cholesterol, soften paws, improve skin, & help arthritis.

ALL OMEGA 3 6 & 9 ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS: Brilliant’s patented process ensures they extract all the goodness from their fish oil, including DHA, EPA & DPA. These nutrients keep your pets coat soft, joints supple, helps with itching, & supports overall health.

ZERO WASTE & SUSTAINABLE: THIS IS DIFFERENT - No acid treatment, solvents or chemicals, GMO's, artificial additives, preservatives, or colourings. From catch to bottle, Brilliant ensure no part of the fish is wasted - we use 100% of what we produce.

Salmon Oil

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